Mod skin LOL

As said here, there is only one option to get league of legends skins for free, and that is by using mod skin lol downloads. The question is, how to get mod skin lol downloads? Are they legal? Where could you download them? How to know if the one you download is safe and it wont crash your computer or steal your league of legends account? On this page you find all the information you need about mod skin lol download so you could use them safely (or to not use them).

Lol mods in general

Lol mods are an overlay which only you could see. They could change the map you are playing in, for example in a winter wonder land or a easter map, but they could also change the look of items of minions. Besides that, there are also mod skin lol packages available which change your characters skin, so you dont have to buy one. Altough you are the only one to see this skin.

Riot allows mod skin lol downloads as you could have read here. But only if they don't change the gameplay. So you are not allowed to have an advantage by using mods.

Are skin mods safe?

If you have managed to find a working mod skin lol you are probably safe. Rios isn't against it as said and what works works. But getting a mod skin for league of legends is a whole other challange. There is an incredible amount of fake downloads out there which are looking to hack accounts, spread viruses or trying you to spam with ads. So its sort of the wild west on the internet and you definitly have to watch out carefully with your virusscannes on a with bright eye looking into everything that is suspiscious.

Where to get them?

Unfortunately we couldn't offer you the right skins here directly, but we could definetly guide you to the right place. If you are looking for a lol mod skin specificly for one champion, you could take a look at our blog, where we discuss champions individually. If you are looking for a package or not a champion specific skin you should have to search the whole internet. Reading forums, finding reviews, finding downloads which dont look suspicious, which don't ring your virus scanner, which don;t let you click on ads or something. But still, its very dangerous out there and your account and computer are definetly at risk when you want to download mod skin lol files.