Riot to court for discrimination

November 8, 2018

Riot hhas to come before court due to a problem with one of there employs. According to that employe riot discriminates men and women. He sais that women and men are treated differently and get a different wage from riot, the maker and owner of league of legends. He sais that riot is mainly a men culture where woman dont quite belong. And altough riot has taken actions against this unlawfullnes, the employ sais that there are still problems. Riot has said sorry for everything that happened and promisses to improve on every point to solve this toxic problem.

For everyone who plays the game this might not be very shocking, as so it isn't for me, don't like the conditions? Work somethere else? The gaming world is a men world. As so would a men who works in a makeup company might not feel as good as he should in a dayjob.