Get a free skin in exchange for your blood

August 30, 2018

The Netherlands must have one of the strangest way to get free league of legends skins. By donating your blood you get a real free league of legends free skin. And this isn't a joke or scam. The dutch blood bank has a contract with Riot which gives new people who donate blood a free lol Thresh skin. People who donate blood at the blood bank which contracted riot have to make a picture while their blood gets tapped and have to send it to a certaint mobile phone number. Then they get a coupon back trough whatsapp which can be filled in in the league of legends form. After this action the skin will be added to their account. This deal is only there for new dutch blood donors, people who already donate blood can only get the free skin when they send someone new to the blood bank. If you want to read more about this whole proces you can read more here.