Free Garen skin

July 29, 2018

Free Garen skin

How to get a free Garen skin, it might be one of the worlds most asked questions. Garen must be the best champion of League of Legends, and best looking. But, he isn't even at his best, because there are a lot of Garen skins out there which could make him even look better. The question is, how to get a free Garen skin? And where to get a free Garen skin without getting baned or scamed.


This step might already be completed when you read this. The answer to the question, where can I get Garen skins for free is, nowhere on the internet. You absolutely could not get a free Garen skin online and everyone who says you can lies. It is impossible. So please stop looking and try one of the possibilities below, which are the only possibilities to get a garen skin.

In game

Garen skins are free in League of Legends to a certain extend. Of course the skins are designed to be bought, to earn a little on the free game League of Legends, but there is a way to get skins for free in the game.

The best way to get free Garen skins in by getting loot boxes as a Reward and getting Garen skins out of it, which is also the only way to get free Garen skins. Leveling up gives you a capsule which could contain a Garen skin, as well as doing missions or getting a S+ (with Garen or an other champion) which gives you crates, for which you need keys which you could get by logging in for example. Or you could buy one of course, but you probably already knew that.


If you really want a free Garen skin now, than the only way is to install a Garen champion skin mod, this mod gives you the possibility to give Garen a custom skin which only you can see. For more information about Garen skins visit our main pages about League of Legends mods.